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How we started

"Hello, I'm Lee Jackson. Originally from Singapore, I migrated to Australia in the mid 1980s. Since then I've received my citizenship, started a family, and fallen in love with our bush capital.


I started Dream City Cleaning in 2009. It all started when I left my job at the ACT Department of Education. I took a year's leave without pay and I haven't been back since!

Fast-forward a few years and the company has grown from a one-woman operation to employing several family members, a family friend, and a whole slew of amazing, dedicated people!"

Our office

Like many small businesses, our first office started out in what was the spare bedroom of the family home. Then one day a neighbour complained.

"Every morning you have five or six cars spilling out of your driveway. It's great that your business is doing well, but you need to get an office!"

And so we did. Our office is now located at the Weetangera shops:

2 Weetangera Pl, Weetangera, ACT 2614

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5, Sat: 8-12, Sun: closed.

What makes us different?

1. Ethics

Many of our competitors are outsourcing agencies. This means that they outsource most, if not all of their work to third party "contractors." By doing this they are able to save money on workers rights such as superannuation, workers compensation, insurance policies and sick leave.


Just imagine, for a moment, a world where an after school care is compelled to advertise that they don't let the children play in traffic. Or a dentist having to swear an oath that she won't kick you in the shins during a root canal. 

Such is the state of the cleaning industry that we can write "we offer our staff basic workers rights" and it's a meaningful point of difference. 

On a brighter note, we're committed to being the change we want to see! 

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"Stock photo company #4"

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Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (16)

High staff turnover = staff likely treated unethically

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (16)

Faceless and nameless outsourcing agency

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (16)

Work is subcontracted so no rights or support

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (16)

One price fits all or by the hour pricing

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (16)

No guarantees, refunds or accountability

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (15)

Low staff turnover = happy and experienced staff

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (15)

Family owned and operated since 2013

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (15)

Staff receive rights, support and are paid well

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (15)

Custom quotes and tailored cleaning plans

Copy of Copy of Dream City Cleaning (15)

Satisfaction and bond back guarantees

*The use of "Stock photo company #4" is for illustrative purposes only. Should such a company exist, we mean no slander or libel. We do however suggest a change of name.

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2. Customer Service

It's very important to us that phone calls are answered every time and emails are replied to within minutes.

The same goes for punctuality. If we say we'll be somewhere at a certain time, we'll be there. And we'll be sure to let you know if we're running late.

"We'll be there at some point between 9 and 5. What's your credit card number?" No thanks.

When we first started Dream City Cleaning we took a vow to not only show up when we say we will, but to also give approximate times for appointments. 

3. We only give quotes in person

Transparency is integral to how we operate. So call us old fashioned, but we actually think of this policy as a selling point.

Quoting online or over the phone is tantamount to giving firm answers upon being questioned about the length of a piece of string. With dollar figures attached.

At Dream City Cleaning every quote is customised and itemised per the needs of our clients and the unique requirements of their homes.


Besides, don't you want to meet the people you'll be letting in to your most personal and private spaces?

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Always enthusiastic about transparency. 

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