End of Lease
Cleaning Service Canberra

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Everything you need to get your bond back. Guaranteed.

We've been doing end of lease cleans for years- so we're beyond confident that we'll be able to do everything that your agent (or landlord) expects from you before you vacate. This includes:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Balcony Cleaning

We've got your back in getting your bond back.

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Get your bond back cleaners.

Moving is stressful, and cleaning your entire house up and down doesn't make it any easier.

Thankfully there are teams like this one (Khandu, Ashley & Jenna) to do the cleaning for you.


Don't be fooled by their photogenic charm. They're highly trained and very efficient.

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Our 100% Money-back guarantee

In the unlikely event that your real estate agent is unhappy with our work, we'll rectify any imperfection at no extra charge to you. And, if we still don't make things right, we'll refund you in full.

The quoting process

Step one. Book your quote. You can do this online by clicking one of the links, or by giving us a call. At this stage, we'll ask you for your contact details and your address. Don't worry, under no circumstances will we sell your personal information to third parties.


If you choose to book online you'll see our staff availability. From there you can choose the time that suits you best. If you choose to book over the phone, we'll work with you to find a mutually suitable time.

Step two. We'll show up on time. In the unlikely event that we're running late, we'll send you a text or give you a call. 

Step three. Show us around. After a brief exchange of pleasantries we'll ask that you take us the property room by room.


We'll be taking notes and making a tally of how many rooms there are, how many are carpeted, how many are wood or tile. We'll also be noting the degree to which dust, grime, and grease have accumulated in their respective areas.

Step four. At the end of the quote we'll talk logistics, such as your moving out date, the date of your final inspection, and how we'd gain access to the property.

Step five. We'll present you with a formal, written quote that outlines the details and scope of our service. This way you'll know exactly what it is you're paying for, and the level to which your home will be cleaned.

Step six. Accept our quote. You can do this at the time of the quote, or later via phone or email. Just mention your name and address.

email: info@dreamcitycleaning.com.au

phone: 6278 6421 or 0410 662 678

Step seven. Relax :)

Ready to relax?