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Meet the team

Dream City Cleaning Meet The Team.jpg

Or more accurately, meet the family

If you're like most people, you want to feel completely comfortable with the people you let into your family's home. We're the same.

Ask anyone who has one and they'll tell you the same thing; Family owned and operated businesses, by nature, can only operate as a family. 

A big, happy, photogenic family.

Some of the staff

Lee Portrait DCC.jpg

Lee Jackson


The heart and soul of Dream City Cleaning, Lee thrives on impressing clients through her professionalism. She also thrives on Vince Flynn novels, Korean dramas and pottery.

Christine Portrait DCC.jpg

Christine Ouano

Office & Customer Service

Christine's caring and attentive nature is displayed in her customer service, so it's no surprise that her spare time is spent by planning birthday parties for loved ones.

Nick Portrait DCC.jpg

Nick Zhang

Marketing Specialist

If he isn't promoting our services to third parties, finding new business opportunities, or planning flyer drop campaigns, Nick can be found asking his dog to get off the couch.

Portrait DCC.jpg

Eamon Jackson

Operations Manager

In addition to performing on-site regular basis cleaning quotes, Eamon drives all over town making sure each day runs as smoothly as possible. 

Ivy Portrait DCC.jpg

Ivy Introvigne

Quality Assurance & Training

As the longest serving non-family member of the family, Ivy has proven time and time again to be the hardest working person this side of Northbourne Ave. Her eye for detail makes her an invaluable trainer.

Andy Portrait DCC.jpg

Andy Li

Quality Assurance & Training

As the second longest serving non-family member of the family, Andy has proven to be the... second hardest working person this side of Northbourne. Not for lack of effort, obviously. He also trains new staff.

The cleaning teams

Cleaners Canberra.jpg

Regular Basis

Our diligent and hard-working teams are permanently assigned to various regions around Canberra for certain days of the week.

For example, Team 1 (Andy & Amy) might be scheduled to be in West Belconnen every second Tuesday and Friday.

Meanwhile, Team 2 (Ivy & Jim) never get to go to Belconnen at all. But you'll find them in the Inner South every Thursday and in Tuggeranong every second Monday. 

End of lease

Moving is stressful, and cleaning your entire house up and down doesn't make it any easier.

Thankfully there are teams like this one (Khandu, Jenna   & Ashley) to do the cleaning for you. Don't let their photogenic charms fool you. They're highly trained and very efficient.

End of Lease Cleaners Canberra.jpg

Hiring practises

We want you to feel comfortable letting our staff into your homes. We also want our staff to feel comfortable working together. So, be it for good or for ill, we don't actually hire new people very often. 

Recruitment is a labour of love- totally thankless work and then bam!  There's Jim, standing at 6'3" with a goofy grin. Or bam! There's Ashley with bright blue hair and an unparalleled enthusiasm to lift heavy objects. Very quickly it all becomes worth it.

To top it off, we're grateful that our staff stay with us for an average of two and a half years!

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